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About Us

This page will tell you a bit more about us and the way we go about things. Above all it should make perfectly clear why we are not an e-commerce site! Does this mean you cannot make enquiries online? No! But it does mean that we need to communicate somewhere along the line. And by the end of the page, you will hopefully be able to make sense of the dingbat on the right.

Why not e-commerce?

Just think, we have over 80,000 promotional products in our online catalogue. We study these every day over and over and even then we don\'t know the half of them properly (though we have the tools and the contacts to research the rest).

So what?

Think some more - prices on a significant number of these promotional products and corporate gifts change constantly, others go on special offer for limited periods, new promotional gifts appear, others disappear, the vast majority of the survivors can be printed in several colours and, in many cases, multiple positions by a choice of printers and printing techniques with different pricing structures. Some promotional products are sourced direct from the Far East or Europe and purchased in foreign currencies that fluctuate in the most irritating and inconsiderate fashion. Even so this is not the main reason why we do not have an e-commerce site, though it naturally has some bearing on it.

Go on then, hit me with it

The overriding reason we are not offering e-commerce is that our primary role is not to sell you promotional products at all! If it were, we could spend all our time updating promotional product and pricing information just so you can, without talking to anyone, buy some executive gift that you may later regret. It just doesn\'t make sense - not for us, nor for you, we suspect. While it is true that our profits come from the promotional products we sell, we earn the right to that profit by ensuring you get the best product for whatever it is you want to do.

So whats best for me?

We need dialogue. You have a brand or a corporate message or a marketing event you want to draw attention to. You have an audience you want to attract, a group you want to please, an amnesiac client base who would forget you in an instant if you didn\'t place your mark under their very noses. We don\'t know your brand values until you tell us, still less your brand usage guidelines. We probably haven\'t even heard of the business event you are attending or running unless and until we have your input. Once we are in the know, we can put our collective brains together to find the solution that will deliver the most impact for you. When you ask people \"Does my brand look big in this?\", we want the answer to be a resounding yes!

I just want something different!

No problem, but tell us everything you have already encountered and we will find something different! But do you mean different for you or different for your audience? Is this difference simply a question of quality? In other words, is it enough difference that the executive gift is better in quality or style than what you have previously had? Lets define the difference you are seeking.

So why is this page called About Us?

Good question! Because it is not about us at all, it is About You. Our business is all About You, about finding little ways in which we can make you more visible in crowded market places and making you look that little bit better, that tiny bit more professional, more approachable , more familiar, more fun, more reliable than your competitors.

Now can you work out the Dingbat at the top of the page?



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