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Frequently Asked Questions - Answers

If we goof, we pay!

In every walk of like things can go wrong. Naturally, we are not exempt from that. We do all we can to avoid disasters in the first place, but when the worst happens, we feel it is incumbent on us not just to put it right, but to compensate our customers for any inconvenience. So when we say 'if we goof, we pay' we mean just that!

But let us be quite clear what we mean:

  • If the print and some or all of the products we supply are not up to your reasonable expectations, we will replace the faulty ones free of charge. That goes without saying (but we said it anyway!). But we go further than that...
  • If, when ordering, you have told us that the goods are required by a particular date, by accepting your order we also take full responsibility for your deadline. So if for whatever reason we fail to deliver by the date or time required, we will still deliver the goods, albeit late, but we just won't charge you for them!

Now we can't say fairer than that, can we?

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